Fresh New Look

We’re proud to announce that FeedEachOther is sporting a fresh new look today. After much research, design, coding and testing, FeedEachOther is now both better looking and easier to use.

Feed Each Other Feed Page Screenshot

In addition to the visual changes, this release includes a number of bug fixes and minor improvements. One that we’d like to highlight is integration with the FriendFeed API. You can now blast your shared items, including your notes, to FriendFeed. Check out the syndication tab on the settings page to set it up.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new look. For feedback, questions, comments and bug reports, please visit this post at our forum. Thanks!

OpenID Support

We’re proud to announce that Feed Each Other is now officially an OpenID consumer.

You can now sign up for Feed Each Other using OpenID and you can also link OpenID URLs to an existing account.

If you haven’t heard of it, OpenID is a way to securely sign in to many different websites without having to remember a username and password for each one.


OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online experience.

You get to choose the OpenID Provider that best meets your needs and most importantly that you trust. At the same time, your OpenID can stay with you, no matter which Provider you move to. And best of all, the OpenID technology is not proprietary and is completely free.

If you want to get yourself an OpenID url, we suggest using To learn more about the idea, visit

Of course all of existing usernames and passwords still work as they used to. This is simply an additional option available to those that want to use it. Enjoy!

New Video Intro

We’ve been working hard on a short video that explains the main benefits of Feed Each Other. Our hope is that it makes the basic concept much easier to understand for people that are new to the site (and new to RSS in general).

If you have any friends that you’ve been trying to get to join you on Feed Each Other, then send them a link to and tell them to check out the video.

Here it is:

Send the link to anyone you think might be interested!

We’d like to thank Michael Pick for doing a great job putting this together.


If you’re a blogger or otherwise own a feed, we’d like to let you know about some badges we’ve created for you that you can use to show off how many subscribers you have on Feed Each Other.

Here are some examples for this blog:

You can find these on the about page for your feed (add /about/ to your feed’s FEO address or click on the subscriber count).

Put one up on your blog! If you have some different styles you’d like, please let us know.

Read/Write Web Reviews Feed Each Other

The good folks over at Read/Write Web have done a very kind review of Feed Each Other.

FeedEachother was built by a former developer from Yahoo! Answers and another now at craft social network Etsy. It’s easy to tell that these guys have backgrounds in some of the leading projects on the web today because they have obviously been paying attention to discussions online and have executed well in designing their feed reader accordingly. The interface will feel very familiar to anyone who uses Facebook or Google Reader. (See screenshot below.) The service does a good job of communicating for novice users while offering a feature set that power users will really like.


The full review is available here:

Announcement: Feed Each Other is now publicly available

The invite only beta period is over. The site is now publicly available!

The full announcement is over at Udi’s blog. In the future, these things will be announced here.

Time to spread the word.

First Post!

With our public launch finally looming on the horizon, we thought we’d set up a place to keep our loyal members up to date with the state of affairs at Feed Each Other. Look here for the latest product updates and more.

Of course, the best way to stay on top of this stuff is to subscribe to this blog at Feed Each Other by going to the address below:

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